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Marissa Halbrecht


Marissa Halbrecht

Marissa Halbrecht received her Bachelor of Arts from University of California Los Angeles’s (UCLA) renowned Department of World Arts and Cultures. Through her extensive international experiences and travels to 15+ countries, as well as her studies at UCLA, Marissa learned to highlight art and culture as key perspectives for understanding creativity and humanity in local and global communities. With two children of her own, ages seven and nine, she also believes its important to expose children to art at a young age, so they can cultivate a deeper understanding of cultures, people, and the way each person uniquely views the world.

Marissa has more than a decade of experience, working as an active lay-leader in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as nationally. She is a visionary, trusted advisor and passionate advocate who is skilled at cultivating relationships and community. She has leveraged past successes and community connections to drive organizational vision and forge strategic partnerships. Two of her greatest passions are Israel and art.  

Most recently, Marissa has merged Israel and art through the launch of Projex Connect with the vision of creating awareness and exposure of Israeli art and culture within international communities. She grew up visiting family and friends in Israel and Japan on a regular basis, and she now spends two to three months of each year in Israel immersing herself in the art community, while maintaining important relationships and sourcing new artists.